Op Hamish 8 - 13 Dec 1971

Soon after I arrived in November 1971 war broke out between India and Pakistan. Some old sweats will remember that we had a dozen or so Hercs based at Masirah for a about a week and teams came from UK and NEAF MAMS. Sorties were flown to Karachi and Islamabad during a week of very intensive ops and we brought out well over 1,000 refugees and packed them off screaming in VC10s to Akrotiri to be re-distrubuted from there. Many nationalities were involved and I had a terrible job persuading people from the Far East, Australia and New Zealand that they had to go West to go East.


Standing: Frank Holmes, Peter Herring, Keith Parker, Troop Smith, Bob Thacker, Charlie Dalgleish, Norrie Radcliffe, Don Stewart, Roy Millington (Movs Masirah)

Kneeling: Doug Lister, Colin Allen, Hugh Curran, Charlie Marlow, Keith Simmonds


Flt Lt Bill Halford, Flt Lt Norrie Radcliffe, FS Chas Dalglish, Cpl Keith Simmonds, SAC's Hugh Curran, Troop Smith and Bob Thacker.


Sadly both Chas Dalgleish and Roy Millington are now deceased but the rest are going strong, the Wg Cdr pilot leading this task received an Air Force Cross as the Hercs did land under hostile fire, Hugh Curran and Troop Smith also received some hostility from the passengers!!


    Text Bill Halford

Photo courtesy of Ian Berry