Op Fondant Aug - Dec 1988

I was in 12th Air Defence Regt., RA and three of the four batteries went to Northern Ireland from Aug to Dec 1988. 12 Bty. went to Londonderry, T Bty. in Omagh and 58 Bty. in Bessbrook. All under the Operation FONDANT which was part of Operation BANNER. I know the previous RA Regt.and its Btys. were on Op FONDANT along with our successors. Also 1st Bn KORBR as a subsequent unit that were posted in these three areas of TAOR were on this Op. 


We flew into RAF Aldergrove on 13 Aug. from RAF Gutersloh and all three Btys dispersed. We flew via Chinook to Clooney SF Base, East of the River Foyle in L/Derry. The Btys left Ulster on 18 Dec.



Nick (ex 12 Bty.)