Op Cimnel / Calendar

UKMAMS was tasked with deploying a SNCO for 3 months at a time to set up a movements presence in the Gulf to support the RN Minesweeping ships in the Gulf. The mines were a consequence of the Iran / Iraq war and were a serious danger to the many oil tankers in the Gulf. The

The RN was resupplied by weekly Hercules flights with half a MAMS team in support. The flights departed Lyneham in the early hours of Friday morning, slipping in Akrotiri before arriving in Dubai during the evening. The aircraft was offloaded and the freight dispersed to the Navy. Saturday was then a free day. Sunday afternoon was spent building the pallets and loading the aircraft ready for departure around 11pm. Another crew slip at Akrotiri and arrive at Lyneham late in the evening.  The resupply flights seemed to consist of the large Deltic engines that powered the minesweepers.


FS Ken Morris deployed first and was replaced by Sgt Ray Ralph who was awarded a Commendation for his work. The other SNCO's (from my memory) who deployed were FS's Dave Giles and Tony Feast and Sgt Phil Smith.


The Minesweepers would go to Mombasa for R and R and this necessitated in a couple of task to Mombasa with . . . . replacement Deltic engines!