Relief Supplies - Nicaragua 13 Jul - 1 Aug 1979


Red Cross Specials. Flt Lt Ian Drake, Cpl Gus Cobb plus 1. Delivery of relief supplies to Nicaragua following the Nicaraguan Civil War. Whilst at Managua Airport the Nicaraguan National Guard attempted to hijack the aircraft. This attempt was foiled by the crew including Cpl Gus Cobb for which they were later made members of the RAF Escaping Society.


* * * * *


On 1 Jan this year (1980) Cpl Gus Cobb was awarded a Commendation by the AOC No 38 Group for his fine service to the Squadron and in particular for his part in the Managua incident last July. (Attempted Hercules Hijacking). Cpl Cobb is now serving in Belize.


Sqn 540 Entry