Mario "Cav" Cavllino


Dean Richardson posted the following and set up the Just Giving Page


Hello world and in particular friends, family, colleagues and ex colleagues of our mate Mario 'Cav' Cavallino. As you may be aware Cav has had cancer for two years now with light now possibly at the end of the tunnel with life saving surgery. He and his family have sourced a professor, a renowned cancer specialist, in Italy who is willing to carry out the surgery at a cost of 25000 euros. This will include post operation intensive care and further aftercare. The operation will take place soon, more than likely by the end of the month. Obviously Cav and his family are raising as much as possible but OUR help would be forever appreciated. Over the two years Cav has suffered I am sure we all have said "let me know if I can help", well here we are as crude as it sounds at this moment cold hard cash is the answer. Please dig deep...a couple of quid, an hours wages even a days wages (wow !). If we in FB world, whether a current colleague or ex RAF colleague fellow Oldham Athletic (sufferer) all contribute we will make a massive dent in the costs and help save our friend Mario's life. Thank you


Cav has written

Wow. I am actually lost for words. I can not thank you all enough for the amazing response to the page Dean set up and the numerous messages of support and encouragement I have received since Thursday night. To say it has been an emotional time is an understatement and many tears have flowed. I just want to give you some background on how all this came about. As the page says I was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer 2 years ago with very little symptoms. I was put on palliative chemotherapy basically just to give me more time. Amazingly the tumours shrank enough for me to be offered surgery. First in my lower bowel which has left me with a permanent stoma (thats another story!). Then I went back under the knife for a liver resection to remove 36 tumours in the right hand side of my liver (The NHS cut all the cancerous liver away and like magic the liver grows back). This was stopped when a blood clot was discovered in my left portal vein caused by the chemo. Surgery was no longer an option so back on chemo again. Each chemo session lasts 3 days then I have a 7 day rest then it starts again. Chemo will not save me just delay the inevitable. But thanks to the tenacity and sheer determination of my cousin Angela we found a professor who's procedure is different to that of the NHS. After a consultation and a look at my cancer history he confirmed he could help me. I explored every avenue on having the op on the Italian health service but although I have Italian nationality they couldn't do it as I do not live there full time. The professor however has waived his fee and the hospital have also discounted their costs to make the operation amount reachable. As you can imagine the last two years have been an emotional rollercoaster for my family, friends and workmates. But thanks to you bloody amazing people that may soon be a thing of the past. Again I feel so humble and underserving of the kindness and generosity shown and I will never ever be able to truly show you my heartfelt gratitude. All I can say is thank you.

If you would like to donate please follow this link to the Just Giving Page